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Sweet Christmas Kisses Box Set Giveaway

Please share a little about yourself, your genres, any other pen names you use.

The Sweet Christmas Kisses box set is a collection of holiday romances by 14 sweet romance authors. Collectively we are part of Sweet Romance Reads. We all write what we like to call “PG romance”.

Tell us a little about your latest or upcoming release.

My particular story is BY CHRISTMAS. It’s the fourth book in my Covington Falls Chronicles series, inspirational romances set in a fictional Southern town. In this tale, the heroine Noelle Robinson is a jilted bride who decides she’s going to escape all the tea and sympathy and start over in a new city. Then her father has a health crisis, which throws all her plans out the window. Suddenly, she’s in charge of running her parents’ Christmas shop and organizing the town’s holiday festivities. Michael Campbell is the brother of the man who broke Noelle’s heart. Since her non-wedding, she and Michael have become friends. Michael steps in to help her save Christmas. In the process they discover their own holiday happy ending.

Have you ever based your book or characters on actual events or people from your own life?

I don’t know if there is any one character based on a real person. Sometimes they have elements of people I’ve known. Most of my story ideas come from somewhere

Is there a theme or message in your work that you would like readers to connect to?

Since my books are inspirational there are themes about faith. Many of my characters are actually pretty cynical about religious and general so it’s interesting to take them on a spiritual journey as well as a romantic one. I also have reoccurring themes about forgiveness and healing. My characters also have pain in their past and that is keeping them from creating a fulfilling life. It’s only when they learn to deal with that anger and hurt that they are able to get the happy ending.

When you’re not writing what do you do? Do you have any hobbies or guilty pleasures?

I am a singer. I sing in my church choir and worship team. I also play flute in a community orchestra.

Is there a genre(s) that you’d like to write that you haven’t tackled yet?

I have this persistent crazy idea that seems to want to be a paranormal. It’s about a spoiled heiress who dies. Once she gets to heaven she gets recruited to what’s known as the “Soul Mate Council” where it is her job to help earthly couples find their soul mate before it’s too late. It’s very strange but hilariously funny. Someday I might have to write it.

If this book is part of a series…what is the next book? Any details you can share?

This is the fourth book in the Covington Falls Chronicles. The previous installments are MARRY ME, ACTING UP & IMAGINE THAT.

There are quite a few returning characters from previous books in this book. In fact, Noelle made her first appearance in MARRY ME. My heroine in that book was Julia Richardson, a very reluctant wedding planner. Noelle’s non-wedding was one of her many chaotic moments.

What book are you reading now?

I am eagerly anticipating the next Kristan Higgins book. I suppose by the time this posts I will already have devoured it. Kristan is one of my favorite authors. She is a master at writing humor, but also genuine, tear-jerking emotion. She can make you laugh and cry, sometimes on the same page.

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Sweet Christmas Kisses Box Set
14 Authors: Donna Fasano, Helen Scott Taylor, Beate Boeker, Melinda Curtis, Denise Devine, Raine English, Aileen Fish, Patricia Forsythe, Grace Greene, Mona Risk, Roxanne Rustand, Magdalena Scott, Kristin Wallace

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Sweet Holiday Romance

Book Description:

This holiday season, warm your heart—and maybe a little more—with fourteen Sweet Christmas Kisses, a bundle of PG-rated romance novels and novellas from USA Today, national bestselling, and award-winning authors.

Sweet Christmas Kisses takes you from small-town USA to England, Scotland, and even Ecuador; from the beach to snow-capped mountains, and to the wild—sometimes magical—west.

The Sweet Christmas Kisses bundle will bring you laughter, tears, and always joy.

Almost Perfect Christmas by Donna Fasano 
Aaron wants to give his daughter a perfect Christmas and elicits Christy’s help to do it. When they’re talked into a make-believe wedding, can a real one be far behind?

Mistletoe in Maine (Holiday Brides Book #3) by Ginny Baird 
Award-winning and National bestselling author
A single mom takes her kids on vacation in Maine and meets a handsome innkeeper, a young widower with a teenage son. A winter wonderland love story about faith and new beginnings.

The Army Doctor’s Christmas Baby
Army Doctor’s Baby Series by Helen Scott Taylor
Award-winning and National bestselling author 
An army surgeon with twins falls for the nanny, but will her secret destroy their happiness?

Stormy Times by Beate Boeker
A rock star, vet, and puppy meet in a blizzard and sparks fly…

The Christmas Promise by Melinda Curtis 
USA Today Recommended Read, Award-winning and National bestselling author 
When a chocolate heiress trying to save her family’s cocoa plantation bumps into a wounded warrior on a trek for a fallen comrade during Christmas, chaos ensues thanks in part to three fairy godmothers…er, a trio of meddlesome nuns.

Merry Christmas, Darling by Denise Devine
Award-winning author
A desperate bachelor enlists his neighbor to pose as his wife to appease his mother, whose dying wish is to see her son married—and producing grandchildren. At first, his plan appears to be a success. That is, until he discovers Mother has a few deceptive plans of her own…

Some Christmas Magic by Raine English 
Award-winning and National bestselling author 
She’s been dumped… He wants to win her back… A last-ditch effort to save her Christmas might result in her most romantic holiday ever.

Christmas in White Oak by Aileen Fish 
National bestselling author 
Forced to face his past, a young widower tries to grant the Christmas wish of his first love.

Lucky Break Christmas: Homecoming by Patricia Forsythe 
Award-winning author
Their marriage is in trouble…until a judge, two kids, a quirky hometown of old friends, and the Christmas spirit of forgiveness step in.

Beach Christmas by Grace Greene  
Award-winning and National bestselling author 
Jessie Dawson hopes to arrange the perfect beach Christmas for her family, but when it all falls apart a special delivery from the past may inspire a new Christmas wish.

Her Christmas Cruise by Mona Risk 
Award-winning and National bestselling author 
The perfect fiancé is a cheater and the Christmas wedding is off. What if the would-be honeymoon cruise offers Julia a dream companion?

A Scottish Christmas by Roxanne Rustand 
When Lucy Davis receives a mysterious letter inviting her to the Scottish Highlands to receive an inheritance, she expects to deal with it quickly—until she discovers it's a historic B&B with a handsome, mysterious resident who might just be the man of her dreams.

Small Town Christmas by Magdalena Scott 
National bestselling author 
Past loves, a family in mourning, a little boy with a big heart. Christmas in Serendipity, Indiana is full of surprises!

By Christmas by Kristin Wallace 
Award-winning and National bestselling author 

She was a jilted bride. He’s her ex-fiancé’s brother. She’s trying to save Christmas. He’s disrupting her peace on earth. Together they find a holiday happy ending.

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From Courtroom to Venetian Ghosts Guest Blog and Giveaway with Diana Cachey

I love travel, I love Italy and my favorite city in the world is Venice. The lagoon town’s romantic beauty inspired me to return again & again, just as it inspired writers, composers and painters for centuries. So in my trinity of books, What Happens in Venice, the characters find mystery, love & allure in the shadowy mazes of haunted Venice.
I practiced law for years, but wanted to leave the rat race to earn money while traveling. In college and law school, I often took several jobs to support myself and pay tuition, so until I graduated. I couldn’t afford much travel. It didn’t take long before I was hooked. 
I began this journey after I quit my job as a prosecutor and became a contract attorney for law firms, which allowed flexibility. I taught scuba diving during visits to the tropics and worked flexible hours as a lawyer, real estate investor and marketer of liquid vitamins.
But writing still held my heart. I wrote poems, plays, essays, stories, articles. During law school, I published scholarly articles, taught law students to write and became the first female Editor-in-Chief of law journal. Yet I never followed my dream to write full-time. Until now.
First I created a website where I published nonfiction pieces to discuss, and hopefully show you, how to follow your dreams too. I rant about what we all rant about -- the foibles of our modern society -- then offer solutions and methods for obtaining wealth and wellness. 
With a Twitter community of over 100,000 people, I launched HAUNTED-PALOOZA -- where online ghosts rule, an online Halloween party that features ghosts, ghouls, guest writers, recipes, photos, videos, Top Tens & GIVEAWAYS! (Don’t miss out this year! Be there to be scared!) 
When I decided to write a novel, everyone wanted to hear about my trips to Venice. So in my trinity novel, What Happens In Venice (Love Spirits, Lagoon Lure & Magic Island), the characters escape to the watery world. Protagonist Louisa Mangotti (a lawyer) lands a dream assignment with Venetian police but life among historical palazzos and canals takes twists and turns because some self-proclaimed ghosts — whom she doesn’t believe in but can’t seem to get rid of – chart a meandering course with clues about an unsolved murder. She’s forced to seek help from a former lover, Venetian bad-boy Matteo, a man who broke her heart many times but still holds it within his reach. The recipe doesn’t cook up a gourmet Mediterranean dish that’s easy for Louisa to digest. 
With all the Venetian history, legend, scenery and language in the book, I visited Venice to do further research for the novel.  During one trip, I created videos while wandering secret Venice, featuring sites not found in typical guide books. What Happens In Venice videos have half million views so far and reveal Venetian food, churches, maze-like streets, glistening canals, handsome men, fashion and travel tips from locals Venetians and lucky transients like me. These secret haunts may lure you to Venice or to write a book about your own travel journeys.
Do you dream of ditching stress? Who hasn’t fantasized an escape from traffic, the mundane and the grind to a serene, exotic spot — with the intent to never come back? You know the answer! Leave a comment below to let us know YOUR dreams.   Or watch my free videos, to learn, share and explore Venice. ENJOY!
Lagoon Lure
What Happens In Venice
Book Two
Diana Cachey

ISBN-13: 978-1500334529
ISBN-10: 1500334529 
LCCN: 2014911793       

Number of pages: 160
Word Count: 40,000


As Interpol expert Louisa Mangotti is learning, ghosts watch over Venice. Can she trust them—or her ex-lover—when spirits offer confusing clues to solve a double murder in this sexy paranormal mystery?

Book Description:

Lagoon Lure resumes the story of Interpol expert Louisa Mangotti’s Venetian exploits and the paranormal assisted murder investigation she began in Love Spirits.

Still unnerved by the notion that Venetian ghosts are real, Louisa delves further into the deaths of two glassmakers while juggling the lustful manipulations of her ex-lover, Matteo, whose role in the murders grows murkier.

Meanwhile Louisa's usually shy sister, Barbara, explores her newfound sexuality with Venice's willing men, sharing her adventures with her sister but keeping one particularly mysterious man a secret.

When Louisa's best friend, "Rouge," arrives for Carnival to sample its masked men, she complicates the situation further by encouraging the sisters to embrace the pleasures of Venice.

Paranormal clues and apparitions lead Louisa deeper into the lagoon and she is forced to reluctantly enlist Matteo’s support. Can she trust him, or will this ghostly lagoon lure prove deadly?

Back Cover Copy:

Venice has its ghosts. They haunt its byways and canals. They linger on its numerous bridges and waft through its beautiful architecture—and they've taken a definite interest in Interpol expert Louisa Mangotti.

In Lagoon Lure, Louisa continues investigating the murder of two glassmakers she began in Love Spirits. Guided by clues sent from otherworldly sources, she struggles to determine what role her seductive ex-lover Matteo played in the deaths, constantly tempted by his handsome looks, his charm, and the volatile chemistry between them.

While Louisa is led by the ghosts to a sunken ship in the murky lagoon, her sister, Barbara, and best friend, "Rouge," embark on their own carnal explorations of Venice, sampling the men who flock to Carnival.

Amid corruption, conspiracy, and Venice's legendary sexual energy, it's all Louisa can do to think straight, let alone untangle this web of mystery. The ghosts, however, want her to persevere.

Love Spirits
What Happens In Venice
Book One
Diana Cachey

Genre: Romance/paranormal.

ISBN: 1481031767
ISBN: 9781481031769

Number of pages: 160
Word Count: 40,000 

Tagline: Among the romantic canals of Venice—and oh so many Italian distractions—can a stunning American lawyer and her psychic sister help the Ghosts of Venice solve a hushed-up crime?

Book Description:

Louisa Mangotti is a gorgeous American lawyer and Interpol expert who, after being offered a job working with the international crime unit in Venice, receives a mysterious postcard from the Venetian Ghosts, the ancient protectors of the Republic. But Louisa assumes her bad-boy ex, Matteo, sent it in a quixotic attempt to gain her attention.  Louisa may have dismissed the ghosts, but the ghosts aren’t quite done with her.

When the bodies of two glassmakers wash up on Murano Island, the cryptic messages persist. Reluctantly, Louisa calls upon Matteo to help decipher the clues. And before she knows it, a flame that was never fully extinguished is rekindled.  Sensing that her sister is in over her head, Barbara Mangotti rushes to the rescue, only to be lured away by two handsome Venetian men.  

With time running out, can the two beauties solve a crime that could threaten the city of Venice itself?

Available at Createspace

About the Author:

Diana Cachey is a licensed attorney, published academic, and former adjunct law professor. She also holds a BA in English, and while in law school, she was the first female editor-in-chief of her university's law review.

The author of the novels Love Spirits and Lagoon Lure, Cachey trained with several New York Times best-selling writers whose sales total more than 70 million books. She has built a social media platform with over one hundred thousand Twitter users, and her popular YouTube channel featuring secret Venice locations has received over five hundred thousand views.

For more than a decade, Cachey has traveled to Venice, the setting of her novels, on extended trips several times a year. The cafés, restaurants, and many other haunts of Venice play a prominent role in her sexy paranormal mystery-romance series about a beautiful American lawyer guided by the Ghosts of Venice in the investigation of a hushed-up crime.


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The Chaos of an Author's Mind: Guest blog and Giveaway with JL Madore

It's fascinating to me when authors talk about their approach to a story. Inarguably, there are as many different approaches to the art of writing as there are novelists and authors writing. Some follow a publisher's guideline of the tried and true format for their genre. Some have an idea and go with that. Some plot methodically, planning their revelations and reversals to fall in precisely the correct places in each of three acts. And some simply sit in front of their computer and let their characters flow organically.

My process, if you could really consider it one, is a messy mash-up between knowing where I think the story is headed and letting the voices in my head flow out and onto the page. For the first years of my writing life, that higgledy-piggledy approach went very well. I studied craft. Ideas flowed. Characters presented themselves. And there I sat, happily capturing the happenings in my computer as the scenes played out. It all seems rather tranquil and simplistic now.

The problem is, now that I've written a number of books and find myself considering an unending list of twisted and bizarre situations, new characters and ideas demand to be heard. Regardless of deadlines for my fantasy series, editing schedules for my paranormal, or submission deadlines for my writing critique group, sometimes characters just butt in and take over—whether or not it's their turn. Rude. They muddle my thoughts and invade my dreams until I have no choice but to pay attention, open another file and get the ideas onto the page and out of my head.

Due to this insanity, I'm currently writing four different books in three different genres and I must say, it's not a process I would recommend. AT ALL. Still, what can a writer do? The scenes play out, the characters want attention, and if I don't write it down my cluttered mind would never rest.

So, what's the solution? (Aside from the obvious need for medication and therapy) Well, finishing up a couple of the series is a good start. And then, maybe when a few of my characters have their final 'Happily Ever Afters' they'll be ready to back-the-hell-off and watch what unfolds next.

LOL….or maybe not.

Ursa Unearthed
Scourge Survivor Series
Book 2
JL Madore

Genre: Fantasy Romance

ISBN: 978-0-9916763-2-3

Number of pages: 340
Word Count: 100,000

Cover Artist: David Wysotski

Book Description:

Mika’s life has never been normal, but it’s hers.

After being told by the Great Spirit to stand up for the Earth Mother’s children and “save the great species from extinction,” she buries herself in an investigative journalism career hunting down poachers and exposing illegal trade in wildlife exotics. A survivor by nature, she would rather fight injustice than maneuver the hassles and heartache of relationships anyway.

When danger suddenly finds her unprepared, Mika’s perception of her life is shattered and she is hurled into a realm of magic and murder she does not understand. Seduced by Bruin, the powerful and sexy warrior who saves her life, Mika is catapulted into a world where Were-creatures and Scourge assassins threaten not only her life but her heart as well.

With the boundary between worlds crumbling, Mika realizes that her destiny to save the great species will draw her deeper into a reality more terrifying to her than anything she has faced before.

Trusting in love.

Available at Amazon


Ambar Lenn – Fate's Journey

Alone in the dark, Aust sat at the bottom of the grand staircase of Jade's manse, staring at the cryptic words mounted on the foyer wall. Translated by the Centaur, Chiron of Deleran, the Queen Oracles' prophesy hung opposite the double entrance doors. Aust's Elven brothers and warrior friends boasted thoughts and theories as to its meaning, but theories they remained. And on nights when reverie evaded him—which occurred more oft than not—he sat within the silent stone walls of Jade's new home and tried to glean the prophesy's meaning:

Journey of Fate, two realms to purge
Weapons drawn against the Scourge
Blaze of passion,
Trust unearthed,
Cleansing of past,
Spirit rebirthed,
Fate or free-will, which to choose?
With love to gain and life to lose.
Darkness hides in familiar form
A brother's betrayal, a sister's storm
Empower lost souls or evil shall reign
Noble the child of argenteous mane

Journey of Fate—the first line referred to their Ambar Lenn, everyone agreed on that point. Four fortnights past, the inception of his, Galan's and Thamior's journey to manhood had triggered unforeseen events. On that night—the night the exile of his people was lifted—the three of them had set off from the Highborne village to find their path.
Aust had yet to find anything . . . save grief.
His Eda had been slain, his Naneth left heart-weary, and his people so offended by his goddess-given affinity to communicate with his animal brothers and sisters, they cast him out.
Galan fared well enough, and for at least that much, he rejoiced. Jade was a remarkable female, and to have Recognized with his mate . . . there was no greater blessing. Together, partners in life and purpose, the two now served Castian as Protectors of the Realm of the Fair.
Thamior's journey? Well . . . Tham remained Tham e'ermore. Aust marveled at the strength of spirit the male possessed, his love and wonder of all things, the simple joy he found in living free within the Realm of the Fair. Tham had yet to make any progress in his journey, yet paid it no mind.
Weapons drawn against the Scourge—Aust was more than ready to take up arms against the enemy of the realm. He yearned to prove his value, burned to avenge his dead. There were moments, the fury boiled so white-hot in his blood, he almost drowned in the lure of vengeance and pain. He quelled those impulses as best he could.
For the choices made to navigate the journey of the Ambar Lenn would determine if he could ever be thought of as a male of worth. And so he pushed back the anguish and the anger and waited . . . .

About the Author:

JL Madore, lover of family, animals and chocolate has a soft spot for romance and a hot button for sexy stories. She didn't find writing so much as it found her. Waking each morning with a vivid cast of characters tangled in chaos in her head, it seemed essential to capture them on the page.

Author web links:

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CBY Book Club

The Wormhole

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Interview and Giveaway Devoted by Emery Skye

Please share a little about yourself, your genres, any other pen names you use.

My name is Skylar, but my pen name is Emery Skye. I love reading YA paranormal romance and fantasy most, but I enjoy philosophy and just about everything else too. I’m twenty-four-years old, and have been writing and telling stories for since I can remember. I’m from Colorado, born and raised, and recently graduated from Regis University in Denver. I grew up showing horses and hiking the Rocky Mountains. I have an amazing little sister and an awesome family.

Tell us a little about your latest or upcoming release.

I just released my debut novel, Devoted (An Angel Academy Novel). Devoted revolves around the life of Anna Hasdiel. Anna is an Angel Noviate training at an Academy for angels who will become either Warriors Legites or Harbingers for the Legion United: The elite force comprised of Angels from all nine choirs.

Anna excels at living the cookie cutter life of a noviate on the fast track to being a Legite, but as we all know, things don’t always go as planned. Noivates disappear from the Academy and there are suspected murders. Her little sister acts out and eventually they have to travel to the one place angels are forbidden to go. She never planned for him. Anna will have to make a choice between her duties: the duty to her heart and her duty as an Angel. What will she choose?

Have you ever based your book or characters on actual events or people from your own life?

Yes, oh my goodness yes. The relationship I share with my little sister is one thing that inspired me to write this novel. I think everything I’ve written is somehow based on something I’ve experienced of been witness to.

Is there a theme or message in your work that you would like readers to connect to?

Family. Most specifically the importance of family is one theme. Anna lives in a world where family isn’t the most important thing. Duty is. She’s expected to put her duty as an angel before everything else, but she struggles with that. Amalie is more than Anna’s sister; she’s her best friend, confidant, and her inspiration. Amalie is one of the reason Anna has always worked so hard and she’s the reason Anna finds the light in the Darkness that’s fighting her.

Balance. One of the overarching themes in my writing is finding balance. I think we all struggle with that to some degree.

What would your readers be surprised to learn about you?

I hated reading when I was younger. I struggled so much and actually had to be tutored all through the second grade, because I was so far behind. I dreaded reading out-loud and was, actually, made fun of because I couldn’t sound out words like all the other kids. Thankfully, one of my teachers (with the help of hooked-on-phonics) was able to get me past the learning curve. She asked me to write down everything that I could and to read every chance I got (no matter how hard it was) and I did just that and still do. No one ever told me to stop J I think all the hard work and time I invested into reading made me love and appreciate it that much more.

When you’re not writing what do you do? Do you have any hobbies or guilty pleasures?

Hiking and reading are two of my favorite pastimes. I also love to ride my horses and have morning coffee chats with my mom and sister while we play with my nephew, Micah. Micah’s six-months-old right now and he is such a happy baby! He’s my little buddy J  

If this book is part of a series…what is the next book? Any details you can share?

Devoted is part of the Angel Academy Series. In the next book, Anna finds herself in Bethel, the Silver City fighting new battles as the past comes back to haunt her.

Enoch, the Angel Matatron, has questions for Anna that she can’t answer. He has a special hatred toward the Watchers as he was the one in charge of washing the world of them. His son, Shane is a Legite who’s sole mission is to hunt down the children of the Watchers. He has an affinity toward finding them, and his radar goes crazy when he’s around Anna.

The search for the truth becomes increasingly dangerous as the Powers become skeptical about her, and Lucifer continues his hunt for her. While navigating the labyrinthine of Angel Politics, dodging attack after attack; not to mention trying to handle her emotions toward Nathan and Shane; Will Anna discover the piece she plays in this match before it’s too late?

What is next for you? Do you have any scheduled upcoming releases or works in progress?

I recently finished Hybrid. Hybrid is a YA Paranormal Romance novel about a girl named Lexi attending Fairmount Boarding School on an academic scholarship. It’s her last semester and all she wants is to graduate and become a private detective with the hopes of finding her parents murderer and finding her missing brother. Too bad her brother’s already found her and it’s not for a family reunion.

 A transfer, Hunter, starts school and is the thorn in Lexi’s side. She’s his mission, but he doesn’t know why.

What book are you reading now?

What is in your to read pile?

To many books to list! J

Angel Academy 
Volume 1
Emery Skye

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Publisher: LemonPress Publishiing

Date of Publication: August 20, 2014

ISBN: 1936617250

Number of pages: 388
Word Count: 96K

Cover Artist: Tamara Sands  

Book Description:

“Her world, her mission…is about to change. What do you choose when your blood is on the line.”

A world where your life is a mission and to succeed you must have resolute devotion to duty. 

Seventeen-year-old Anna Hasdiel is a noviate at Hope Academy, a secret school for young angels where she and her sister, Amalie, train to become Warrior Legites with the duty of protecting humans from Demons for the Legion United.

Anna's devoted to the angelic cause.

She's always known she would be a Warrior for the Legion. Her world is about to change.

Noviates have been disappearing from Angel Academies around the world. No one knows why. They just hope they won’t be next.
The Powers send in Legite Nathaniel Deror for protection. Legite Deror is strong, fierce and mysterious. He seems to have it in for Anna one second and the next he’s rescuing her. He makes her feel things she shouldn’t.

They must travel to the home of the fallen Archangel Lucifer, where they will fight past a host of deadly enemies. Where do loyalties lay?

 She never planned for this. She never planned for him.

Amazon Kindle  BN  Amazon Print

Excerpt from Chapter 1
I was enveloped in darkness. I tried to run, but my limbs were frozen. I tried to scream, but couldn’t. Invisible icy fingers squeezed my throat shut.
It was happening again.
The darkness slowly lifted like the curtains on a stage. Only this was anything but. My surroundings materialized. Large mounds of black rock encircled me. There were three gloomy, sinister tunnels ahead of me. Orange light flickered from a few torches held in the mouths of metal brackets on the stone walls. The shadows they cast licked the sides of the room while air whistled around stone stalagmites protruding from the ground. I envied the wind. It was free to move, free to leave. I wasn’t.
The high back of a scarlet chair with eagle talons for feet faced me. I tried to shut my eyes. I didn’t want to watch. Like any nightmare I was afraid of what I would see.
But, a stronger force was making me watch. Too bad that force wouldn’t get a life.
A demon hurried around the corner. I studied him as best I could. He wore all black from his chin to the ground obscuring his feet. The skin on his bald head appeared pasty white, out of place in the darkness. His head was bowed. I couldn’t see his face. He was shaking. It made me pity him. It made me think of somebody having a violent seizure.
Unexpectedly, a cavernous voice came from the chair and filled the space giving it an oppressive quality that felt both hot and curiously thick. It made my skin crawl. I couldn’t see the man responsible for striking fear into the creature. He was faced away from me. The demon was trying hard to control his movements, I could tell by the jerking of his arms.
“Shamir, I was beginning to wonder if you would ever come,” I could practically hear his jaws grinding together.
The pale demon looked at the voice in the chair, and I was immediately drawn to his bottomless eyes. The sorrow I saw made me want to cry and run like a coward.
But, I quickly realized I had no control in this room. Not of myself or the unfolding scene. I never did. If it were a normal stage, I’d have the ability to run onto it, but this wasn’t normal.
Shamir was gruesome. His face was concave: he had a prominent forehead; six fingers high, and eyebrows that dipped into his forehead. The nose was small and curved inward. His chin was also flat, but with an outward curve like a dirt bike ramp. Deep wrinkles and heavy lacerations marred his already awful features. His thin lips were tightly stretched into a grimace. Shadows slithered in his mouth. After an arduous moment, he spoke in a mournful voice.
“Sire, I came when I could. There is chaos in the Dark World, but,” his hands crossed in front of his stomach, he fiddled with his thumbs. His nervous energy was a buzz against my skin.
The suddenly irate voice from the chair interrupted him. “Silence! Why do I give such a pitiful creature as you a place on my council? Can you answer me that, Shamir?”
“Because, Sire, I am your loyal servant,” he sounded both afflicted and distant. I saw millennia of anguish in his eyes that had me shaking in my slippers.
“That you are Shamir... Do you know why I called you to me?” The voice paused momentarily and then began again, “it is time Shamir. Do you know what time it is?” Every word dragged on.
“How can that be sire?” Shamir remained composed; distant, yet, his eyes took on a fiery glow like an inferno.
“You must find…”
A moment of ringing silence passed and my stomach knotted. I strained my ears and eyes to catch the words... images that blurred at the edges, but it was useless. My time was up.
Not yet! I thought furiously, Just a little longer! I need to hear more... just a little more!

Ring! Ring! Ring!

I swung my arm around and hit my alarm clock. Sweat beaded down my head and my clothes were practically drenched -- I'm sure I looked like I’d been lying in a steam room all night.
I peeled my down comforter off my sticky body, planted my feet on the carpet that felt soft and reached I for the spiral bound notebook laying on my end table. I began jotting down notes about the dream… or... nightmare.  My  mother  told  me  it  would  help  me understand them, but it hasn’t. Night after night I dreamt about the voice in the chair. It made the hairs on my arms stand at attention and my toes curl. The person in the cave sometimes changes, but the voice from the red chair never does.
“We’re going to be late, Anna!” My sister shouted from the other side of my paper-thin door. Her voice as different than his as night is from day. It warmed my skin like sunshine.
I shuffled sleepily into my bathroom. I glanced in the mirror and was slightly horrified, to be perfectly honest. It’s not like I’m the super girly type, but this took things to the other extreme. The damn thing was mocking me. My face was shiny, (in the 'I just ate four cheeseburgers' way) and my hair was an absolute freaking rat’s nest. I quickly turned on my straighter - a present from my sister – (she would be disgusted by my appearance). It took a while to heat up. In the meantime, I jumped into the shower that desperately needed some bleach. Small mounds of black residue sat in the corners of, the otherwise, pristine shower. It wasn’t much, but enough. I’m a teenager. Cleaning is not my strong suit. This was only a problem because the Academy was a lot like a military school. Cleaning the floors with a toothbrush wasn’t far off.
I love steaming hot showers. My usual shower was about five minutes. Five minute showers were something that we, my sister and me, learned about by the time we were four. My mom always told me, “showers aren’t supposed to fun.” Blah, blah, blah. Thus, I had to learn to love and enjoy the hot, relaxing water, quickly. For me showers helped drum out the constant thought collisions in my mind. I jumped out of the shower; I started the slow walk to my shoebox of a closet and was greeted by the crisp, clean scent as  fresh  as spring air from an open window.
I looked casually through my wardrobe that offered a slim selection of worn and practical clothing. As I sorted through my clothes the feeling of wool, cotton, and denim rubbed against my hand. I plucked a ball of lint from a violet shirt hanging crookedly on a wooden hanger and tossed it in the plastic trashcan. I chose a black long-sleeved V-neck shirt and my favorite pair of loose black cargo pants. They were comfortable and practical.
The only problem left was my crazed hair. It looked like a cat had thrown up a fur-ball and it landed on my head. I took a small chunk of it and began the irritating straightening process. Gradually, my silky, blonde hair transformed into something slightly easier on the eyes. I was relieved to see that my skin was clear, and sighed. My mother always told me that my fair skin was a blessing, but I couldn’t help the jealously that ate me when I thought of the other girls’ tan skin. Suddenly, my train of thought was interrupted.
“Anna, hurry up woman!” Of course, my sister, Amalie, would be up and chipper at this time in the morning. She was the spirited one. I envied, and sometimes disliked her for that.
I grabbed my heavy, black coat. When I inhaled the little hairs from the synthetic fur hood tickled my nostrils and caused an unladylike sneeze to erupt from my body as I ran downstairs to the dorm lounge, the free area for noviates. The sound of cutlery clattering against a table and the murmur of conversation greeted me in the stairwell.
“Hey, Am,”
I smiled so wide my cheeks hurt. Just the look of my little sister put me at ease. Mom said it was a miracle that two sisters could be best friends. It’s understandable that mom didn’t have a close relationship with her sister
— Aunt Trisha. If I didn’t know any better, I would say that she was a fiend — or close to it. We never talked about Aunt Trisha.
The dorm lounge was like everything at Hope Academy: white, immaculate, and dreadfully boring. There was a large kitchen with a dozen small, round, white tables dotting the room. They each had a metallic napkin dispenser in the middle that reflected the sunlight streaming in through the large bay windows. Old bookcases lined the perimeter of the room. Every book a noviate could ever want to read was in the Academy somewhere, or at least I thought so. I hadn’t exactly looked to see if that was a fact, but I wouldn’t doubt it. That was something that I truly appreciated—books. Books were my escape. A desperately needed escape from the excellence demanded by the Academy and that I demanded from myself.
“What took you so long?” she griped.
I didn’t respond to Amalie. I was still consumed by the dream. The voice haunted me in my sleep, and started to haunt me when I was awake. After a moment she chucked a granola bar in my direction. “Earth to Anna,” she barked.
“Sorry. My hair refused to cooperate.” I noticed Amalie’s hair always cooperated. Amalie, unlike me, had dark, thick hair. It wasn’t quite black, but it wasn’t just brown, sort of chestnut. She was sitting at the kitchen bar with a notebook open. Amalie was an avid artist. You’d never guess it, because she hid it so well.
“What’s the topic today?” I asked referring to the artwork of the day…or week.
She glanced down at the page that had various black lines running across it and shook her head. “Nothing special,” she told me. I didn’t believe her. The depth of her eyes told a different story. Amalie could see the beauty in even all the fine, straight lines of the Academy.
“Okay then,” I muttered.
She closed the book and stood up.
She was a slender, short girl at just over five foot. I had almost six inches on her. Her eyes gleamed a sapphire blue and changed to an almost indigo color when she was upset about something. They were a little indigo now. She always dressed fashionably. Today, she had outdone herself. She looked beautiful in a glistening white blouse—with just a bit of her nearly non-existent cleavage revealed — and tight, skinny jeans with knee high black boots. A poet in Chanel surrounded by robots in Gortex.
“What’s the occasion? Are you going to a modeling gig?” I asked, laughing.
“Well, actually, no. You forgot didn’t you?” She was disappointed, chin down down.
“No... no... I didn’t forget.” I said awkwardly, and too late. I had forgot, and wished I still did. With my birthday just under a month away, Amalie had been begging to take me to the new club—the Inferno—and her persistence finally beat me down. “I'm excited,” I said, trying for glee, but it came out strained, so I gave her a reassuring smile. Amalie had the attention span of an ant. That worked because she usually forgot what she was mad about pretty quickly.
“You did too forget. Lucky for you, I worked way too hard on this outfit to let it go to waste.” She twirled a few times, watching me, hopeful.
I grabbed her arm, stopping her from twirling and gave her a big hug. “You’ve worked hard on every outfit you’ve worn this week. But yes, this one is, by far, the best.” I stood back like a spectator at an art show and took another good look at my best friend, confidant, and sister. She smiled back and then pulled me to her. We held each other briefly. Noviates started passing by and Amalie released me and went back to her food.
“Thanks, sis. We're going to have so much fun at the Inferno. I wish were going this weekend! Everyone says the Inferno is off-the-wall.” She continued to speak; in a language I didn’t fully understand, while pausing every few words to shovel in a spoonful of oatmeal. The Inferno was her kind of place, carefree and fun. “I just can’t believe we haven’t gone yet—”
“Eat much?” Taylor came around the corner and pulled up a stool on the other side of the island stroking the white counter with a finger capped by a perfectly manicured nail. Bleh. Taylor was a superficial beauty even though I hated to admit it. She had short, brunette, spiky hair, and foxy green eyes that held a spark my dull, green eyes lacked.
“Don’t be mad ‘cause I'm skinnier than you, Taylor. Be mad 'cause I don’t need anorexia to pull it off,” Amalie shot her a haughty look that would make any big sister proud.
Taylor was slender, but a bit curvier than the rest of us, and had a darker complexion too. Everyone envied her for looking exotic in a place that made me, and the rest of us, feel so ordinary. That was probably why she was so popular, that, and she was reputedly the biggest slut for hundreds of miles. We live in Hope, Alaska for Power’s sake.
Amalie scanned Taylor from head to toe with predatory eyes thinned to slits. Amalie had taken it upon herself to be my sidekick when it came to Taylor, who had insisted on being my arch nemesis for as long as I could remember.
“You’re not skinnier, just without  essential curves, if you don’t mind my saying.” She then shifted her attention to me and said, “Only twenty-five more days till I leave for Bethel.”
She and I were in the same class at the Academy. Her birthday was before mine, by two days, and she never let me forget it. When a noviate turned seventeen, they were sent to Bethel, capital city of The Fourth Dimension, where The Powers resided for a pronouncement hearing. When noviates returned, everyone else at the Academy looked him or her at in a new light. It was our first step toward success. It was our equivalent to a human getting their driver's license. Except if the noviate failed their “driver’s test” they could never show their face at the DMV again.
The Powers were the authority of the Archangels and lower angels. The Archangels, unlike other angels, protected  mankind  from  evil  spirits,  also  known  as demons. There's more. I can explain it, but politics aren't my thing. Plus, we were taught to do our jobs not ask questions.
There are seven angel-training academies around the world; one for each of the seven Archangels that no one ever actually sees. They are as much a mystery to us as humans, but we know they exist. They are among the superiors in the Legion United, the elite fighting force made up of the best angels from the Nine Choirs. The Nine Choirs were split between three spheres. The first sphere was the Counselors: Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones. The second sphere was the Governors: Dominions, Virtues, and the Powers. The third sphere comprised the Harbingers or Warriors: Principalities, Archangels, and Angels. Everyone was a part of the whole, and vital to keep the machine operating smoothly. The smallest wrench could cause disaster.
We were taught that God created the seven Archangels, then removed Himself and put the Angels in charge.
She pursed her full lips with a deeper cupids bow than could possibly shoot an arrow. “I’m more than ready. Are you?” she baited.
When an Angel Noviate (AKA angel in training) became a junior, he or she went to Bethel where The Powers would determine if the noviate would continue until graduation, or if they would have their wings clipped.
A thin-lipped smile was my answer. She hung on my last nerve.
Since we are all born into this life, it only made sense that we were kept close track of by the Powers, who supervised all the Lower Choir angels to ensure dedication and purity, meaning that no angel used their abilities against another angel, or any human. It was uncommon for a noviate to have their wings clipped. Every angel was needed in the war against demons. However, no one was immune to that outcome, either. If the noviate’s wings were cut, they would be forced to spend the rest of their days in the human world, living a mortal life. I cringed at the thought.
We were constantly at the mercy of The Powers.

About the Author:

Gemini Emery is a horse trainer living in Colorado with two yappy dogs and a few quirky horses.

She graduated from Regis University with a BS in Business Administration and a minor in philosophy.

A life-long reader, Emery has always had a special affection for the urban fantasy and paranormal romance realms.

When not riding horses or writing, she likes archery, hiking and shooting. She reads until her vision blurs, spends time with family and drinks an excessive amount of chai and coffee. 

Devoted is her first novel.


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